Our everyday work for the customers makes us to face new engineering and business challenges.  Proper elicitation, recognition and identification of the needs is our priority.

By augmenting your team with our people and proven technology we can help you to innovate. As we see implementing innovations is a difficult cooperative effort requiring many tradeoffs. Today we see that cooperative approach can create the competitive advantage and maximise your value to your clients.

By working with us you inherit our experience from past projects.  We can help you to build more innovative products and services in multi sourced business environment. We introduce innovations by implementing tested collaboration techniques, empowering your employees and encourage them to co-create out of the box solutions. All that using our modern business approaches in sales and marketing.

All that applies to :

  • Sales Augmentation (quoting/automation APIs, sales APIs, CRM)
  • Sales Channels Establishment (mediation APIs e-comerce platforms)
  • Payment integration (Electronic Payments, Blockchain solutions, ICO Advisory)
  • Procurement support (RFI, RFP preparation)
  • Business Analytics (APIs, mediation, ETL, BI, Machine Learning, AI)
  • Customer Care & Retention (Helpdesks, Mediation for ticket transversal APIs )
  • Product Marketing (definition, Internet aided marketing, product localization)

Meracom offers analytical approach to existing processes. All services are being delivered by devoted and experienced personnel able to estimate, find synergies and optimize the existing business architecture.

While prototyping, testing and implementing innovative approaches Meracom utilizes  and maintains innovative document repositories and project management software including (Sugar CRM, Vtiger, Magento, Mantis, Collabtive, Asterisk, OrangeHRM, Cisco, Oracle, Microsoft,, SAP and more). Additionally, we deliver on demand dedicated information systems that integrate software and hardware legacy elements whenever necessary.