Sales Channels Development

Finding a partner with which it can work is not an easy task . The result of our work is not only a new supplier or service recipient, but also a new area of ​​activity in which there may be  a new cooperation potential.

What can we do for you ?

We conduct multiple organic activities on behalf of our customers in order to meet your business goals. It includes the following activities:

  • Market Research
  • Project requirements elicitation & analysis
  • Preparation of Sales Strategy
  • Preparation of the Sales Plan, reporting results and their Measures
  • Partner Selection
  • Preparation of the Sales Plan, reporting results and their Measures
  • Sales Plan Execution (customer calls, internet marketing, communicating with customer, customer meetings, RFP elicitation and response preparations, conferences, e-commerce, reporting)
  • Project Management

We believe the satisfactory result is the fundament of the cooperation. It is important for us to building long-term and long lasting relationships based on trust and mutual benefit .

Why use us ?

We are independent outsiders, we can see things from different angle and are ready to provide you with unconventional solutions. We look at reality from slightly different angle via prism of our previous projects that may be very beneficial for your operations.


We are experienced in taking action on the local and international markets. That increases the range of potential distribution channels we can identify for you. Our team speaks local languages, giving tangible benefits to building partnerships with merchants, effectively increasing your export.

Our goal is to share our knowledge, methodology and cooperation approach with your employees.

Summarising, we are focused on your goals and results you get from working with us.

Interested ? Please contact us…